OUZMind Introduction Note

First of all, We are sorry for redirecting you to the introduction page, This is because it's your first time visiting OUZMind, You will NOT redirected to this page in the next time visiting ouzmind.com, Please continue reading this page as it contains an important informations about OUZMind.

Arabic Version :
نأسف على تحويلك الي هذه الصفحة بشكل اجباري ولكن انت ترى هذه الصفحة لانها هي زيارتك الاولي للموقع فنحن ننصح بقرائة هذه الصفحة جيداً لما تحتويه على معلومات هامة حول المشروع - يرجى العلم ان هذه الصفحة لن تظهر لك ثانية عند محاولتك للدخول للموقع في المره المقبلة

OUZMind - The World's First Web Artificial Intelligence.

It's much like the sci-fi movies, We are developing the first stage of the world's first web artificial intelligence, In near future, OUZMind will make a real live chat with the humans like if you are talking with your friend. This is the main idea of OUZMind.

Why OUZMind ?

Think that every question in your mind has an answer ? Adaptive and changeable with the new challenges in the world .... you will do a lot of your work in just fewer time than EVER. It's just a one full detailed answer to your question, In less than 1.5 seconds OUZMind will reply to your question, Thanks to our Advanced Artificial Intelligence Engine.

Just (1) Accurate Answer

Just one reply that contains the answer to your question, Imagine that all of your questions are answered in less than 1.5 seconds.

Bilingual - Arabic and English

We are the World's First Artificial Intelligence Engine that Could Speak Arabic, Yes we FULLY support Arabic, Let's make the World Even More Smaller and Connected!

All The Facts

The artificial intelligence itself is much complexed operations, OUZMind recieves your "input" and try to determine what's this input (Question or Predicative Sentence) Then OUZMind searching in our internal database (Which we are updating it daily by more than 60 editor) if OUZMind found nothing in the database then the Artificial Intelligence should generate a new searching keyword for your sentence or question and then search for it in the web if we found a result it will be verified by Google Search for safe results, If this URL is indexed in Google so it's safe to be used by the visitor. Now OUZMind Artificial Intelligence Engine will search the answer of your question in this page so if OUZMind found the answer of your question in this URL it will be sent to you as the question answer.

Check it out and let's know your feedback using the feedback button under the answers of OUZMind AI Engine.

Self-Intelligence, Self-Learning!

That's our next level of Artificial Intelligence, We are currently working one the most advanced Artificial Intelligence engine, OUZMind will be able to generate a new replies made by the Artificial Intelligence using a huge pre-made information about most of the things in the world so using this information, OUZMind will be able to generate an accurate, Full detailed and fast reply, It's the real Intelligence and the real next level of computers intelligence.

It's Just the Start - We are in Pre-Beta Stage!

This is just the start, We've many great new updates to our Artificial Intelligence Engine, All of our services are FREE, You don't have to pay anything in order to use OUZMind features.

You Are Ready!