About OUZMind API

Would you like to use the new era of the web technologies in your own site or application ?
OUZMind AI-API is an artificial intelligence api service that offers a direct access to our AI databases. If you are interesting to use the new OUZMind AI-API service please use the form below to contact us.

Introducing OUZMind Artificial Intelligence API

We use our Artificial Intelligence engine in every aspect of our project even in the API of OUZMind. With OUZMind Artificial Intelligence API you can optimize the number of quires per second, per mintue, per hour or per day. You can also tell the AI-API to upgrade your API limit directly without your action if your application exceed the limit of your quote.

And Much Much More!

Introducing OUZMind FIV™ Technology

OUZMind Future Intelligence Version™ is a new API feature that gives you the ability to access the next version of OUZMind Artificial Intelligence Engine. Every new Feature, Update, Idea or improvement from our engineers will appear directly in FIV™ after passing the QA phases.

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If you would like to use OUZMind AI-API or you've any other questions, Don't hesitate to ask us using the form below.

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